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Health insurance in the U.S. for individual coverage is less affordable than ever. For a family of four that's self-employed and doesn't quality for a health subsidy because of their income level is on average paying for a health plan of about $1400 a month. There are more options available now outside of the marketplace and the ACA that has better value for the cost than the traditional major medical individual plan.

A came across this health plan a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by the afforability and level of benefits and coverage. It has a full range of coverage including preventative, emergency room and urgent care, physician visits, and prescription benefits. You must qualify for the plan so it's not for everyone. It's best for the family that does not have chronic health issues. There are health questions and the coverage is up to a maximum of five million dollars.

It's part of a PPO network. It also has a complimentary telemedicine service with no copay. The plan also features a concierge service to save on surgery, doctor appointments, and if needed a bill negotiator services. The following links will take you to some of thse valuable benefit Karis360 services ~~~ TeleDoc ~~~ PPO provider network This health plan coverage gives more freedom of choice and also allows more responsibility and control over your healthcare costs. A good resource for health care costs in your zopcode to compare health precedures and cost is the healthcare bluebook.
Another resource is the fmma.org website where you can shop online for healthcare and compare the cost of health precedures. I hope that we will find better solutions to reduce the high cost of health care and individual health insurance so those who are inunsured can afford the coverage they need and alleviate the financial burden for those who are insured individually.
A.C.A. open enrollment is coming soon starting November 1, 2019 until December 15, 2019 for effective coverage in January 2020. The marketplace health plans are usually best for those who are eligible for a subsidy and those with chonic or severe health issues. After January 1st, 2019 the tax penalty has been repealed for the plans under the affordable care act. Hopefully this will continue to open the door for more options in health care coverage that will bring greater value and lower costs.

The bronze, silver and gold health plans are still available at the marketplace. See Heathcare.gov for health plans in your area.

Value & Protection

Accident: 24 hours and 7 days a week coverage for injuries. Benefits for doctor visits, emergency room, hospital admission as well as other covered medical expenses. Good for families with active children in sports, gymnastics, or dance. Adults riding motorcycles, driving daily on busy freeways, or attempting to win marathons, bike races, or the DIY house repair man or woman.
Cancer: Covers benefits upon diagnosis of internal cancer. Also, pays cash benefits above and beyond the coverage from your major medical insurance coverage. Critical Illness: Lump sum benefit for a list of critical illnesses including heart attack and stroke. Hospital Indemnity: Pays cash benefit for hospital admission and prolonged hospital stays for sickness or injury. This will help cover the hospital deductible with your major medical insurance plan. This plan will reduce and cover out of pocket medical costs from a serious illness or injury that requires a hospital stay. Short-Term Disability: Referred to affectionately as "paycheck insurance". Insuring your livelihood is common sense especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Young women who are planning on having children could use this plan for maturnity leave benefits. Long-Term Disability: For catastrophic loss in the ability to work for a long term period coverage usually for five years or extends to retirement age. Life: Reasons for coverage includes final expense, coverage for children's college expense, replace a spouse income, pay off debt, buy a business partner's shares, pay off estate taxes. Various plans are whole, indexed universal, term, guaranteed issued, and plans with living benefits such as long term care. Dental: PPO covers 100% preventative. 80% basic, 50% major dental work. Also dental indemnity plans available with out of network coverage. Includes vision exam coverage. Eyeglasses or contact lenses benefit.
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